“Your service is excellent for my business.  The service we get through Dana S. is dependable and she always is pleasant to talk with.  She must be a great employee to have on the team.”
– Cattle Ranch

“We represent 350 member businesses and are the voice for over 1,000 businesses in the community.  With a staff of only three people, our purpose is to lead and work toward accomplishing the mission of the Chamber.  all our energy and focus needs to be on productive activities that support our members and promote the community.  Payroll for three, although not very time consuming, is time and energy taken away from the things our limited staff and resources needs to be focused on.  Not to mention, deduction, tax payment/filing and check signing and delivery.  I looked at several options…gave me a competitive proposal, worked with me to get the setup and the first payroll done successfully.  After several payrolls we had a small glitch.  A quick phone call and the issue was resolved in  moments.  Payroll Plus has a great support and service team.  We are happy with our decision to go with Payroll Plus and are confident to recommend them to other organizations, large or small.”
– Local Chamber of Commerce

“We are heading into our 10th year with Payroll Plus.  They have been professional, thorough and quick to reply with our questions or concerns.  I feel like they are co-workers striving for a common goal.”
– Gymnastics/Fitness Center

“Payroll Plus has made my job a lot easier and stress free.  The people there are always nice and know how to get the job done in a professional, yet down to earth, manner.  I am very thankful my company made the switch.”
– Day Care Owner

“We are so pleased with Payroll Plus.  Everyone is so helpful, accommodating, and kind.  We have had other payroll companies proposition us but never think of leaving such a great company.  We recommend Payroll Plus to all our business partners.”
– Architecture/Engineering Firm

“We decided to use a payroll company to free up more time so that we could focus on the continuation of enhancing the quality of other areas of our company.  We decided to give Payroll Plus a try and have been greatly satisfied with their prompt responses to our questions, the time they have invested to make us feel confident in their services, and their professionalism.  Their staff has met with us and our accountant on several occasions to make the process go as smoothly as possible.  We are also using their user-friendly system which allows time correction daily online and the submission of downloadable payroll times.  This system has been virtually a great time-efficient tool.  Overall, we have felt good about our decision to use Payroll Plus and plan to continue using them with our upcoming stores.”
– Restaurant Franchise Owner

“Working with Payroll Plus has been wonderful!  They have taken service, speed of action and thoroughness to another level.  I opened a new restaurant with 140+ employees and held orientation all in one day (that being the last day of a pay period).  I also gave them 30+ incomplete files and still our payroll was accurate and in hand within 3 days!  Awesome job Payroll Plus.”
– Grill/Steakhouse