Our Guarantee

Our 4-part Guarantee shows our Complete Commitment to You, our Customer:

#1 – On-Time Processing and Callback Guarantee
We promise you that we will process your payroll in timely fashion, and we guarantee that we will call you back within an hour of your call if you call us on the date your payroll is processed.

#2 – 100% Accuracy Guarantee
We promise to you, our customer, that our payroll services will be 100% accurate.  If we do not process your payroll exactly as it is given to us by your organization, we will correct any errors at no charge to you for that pay period.

#3 – No Payroll Tax Penalty Guarantee
We promise to you that your payroll tax deposits and tax filings will be done correctly and in a timely manner, so long as the information provided to us is correct, on time, and your account is funded appropriately. If we fail to do any of this, we will pay any payroll tax penalty that could occur as a result.

#4 – Payroll Conversion Guarantee
We promise to make your transition to our payroll processing services as smooth and timely as possible.  We will continually notify you of any items we have not received that could possibly impact that start-up of your payroll process.